What’s New

1/27/13 -- updated links page to ensure all the links work

4/07/10 -- blog entry, Unity With Other Camps.
12/13/09 -- Released all content on the site to be anti-copyrighted.
10/20/09 -- Added several new links to the Links page, several to the Podcast section and one to the Other People’s Links Pages (also see Blooming in Space).
7/24/09 -- blog entry, More on Infrastructure.
5/26/09 -- blog entry, Infrastructure.
5/17/09 -- blog entry, Prevention or Cure.
4/28/09 -- expanded blog entry, Pitzer Anarchist Conference.
4/23/09 -- blog entry, Pitzer Anarchist Conference.
4/23/09 -- Added two new audio files to the Articles page and to the Links page, one about Transition Towns, another about Freestores.
4/11/09 -- Added several common law articles, one about The Royal Extraordinary Writs and another, A Report on the Civil and Common Law, revised the Common Law Resources page, and added a link to McUlta -- a common law education page. Some additional proofreading was also done on several entries.
3/7/09 -- Expanded the blog entry, On Discussing Theory.
3/5/09 -- blog entry, On Discussing Theory. Rearranged some things in the articles section, and did some re-formatting of things here and there. -- just keepin’ the site tidy. :)
2/14/09 -- Added article Lessons from the Mormons and blog entry, Hope for Nothing.
2/1/09 -- Added article The Polyamorous City
1/7/09 -- blog entry, The Myth of Community
1/7/09 -- For those that might complain about links not going directly to the article on the blog, this site does not use scripts (sorry), so you’ll just have to make do and click on the specific article links once you jump to the blog.
12/16/08 -- blog entry, Report from the L.A. Anarchist Bookfair.
12/7/08 -- blog entry, Recent Violence in Greece.
12/4/08 -- blog entry, New Imaginings
11/18/08 -- The site now has a blog. The credits page was dropped.
9/6/08 -- Moved some things around, added a credits page made come formatting changes and dropped the distro and graphics under “Services.”
7/13/08 -- Added anti-copyright info page
7/13/08 -- Added audio files to the Articles page
7/11/08 -- Added audio files and links to the Links page
7/11/08 -- Added article Wealth Building in an Anarchist World
6/19/08 -- This “What’s New” page was added. :)