To Anti-copyright or to copyright? -- This website’s content is anti-copyrighted.
Admittedly this is a HUGE question for any anarchist writer who is trying to survive in a world of ownership, capitalism, and authoritarianism.

On one side, in a world driven by the concept of “possessions”, commodification of all things for the purpose of exchange is an essence of capitalist survival. And when one’s written word is the possession one makes, one might carefully decide which to release to freedom and which to not, or at least of such written things, which to place some “owned” limits.

On the other side, one wants to make everything one does anti-copyrighted, meaning anybody can do whatever they want with it, no holds barred – like taking clay, molding a cup and firing it in a kiln, once its made one can do any number of things with it. One person might pick it up and use it to drink water from, another might grow a plant in it, another might break it to use the shards as a cutting tool to cut rope or hair. The creator is just the creator, nothing more and sets their creations on a window ledge for any to take and do with as they please. It is in the essence of anarchism.

Amid this conflict, the first step toward the world of total liberation is to just continue to release one thing after another until, everything is liberated to freedom: all ideas, all things, all people. For some time, there was content on this site which was copyrighted, but after many months of contemplation since starting this website, all content herein is now released to be under anti-copyright:

Copy the content of this site and distribute it widely, clip out whatever you want, use it for whatever you want with or without attribute, without limit.

If you are a distro or someone else seeking to sell print or distribute any content here, or wish to post some of the content here to another site, I’d appreciate you letting me know through the email address below, but if you don’t it’s no big deal either:

The Anarchist Planner
December 2009