Consulting, Workshops and Lectures

I am avaliable for consultations regarding any specific design project in which you are endeavoring particularly as it relates to meaning creation, whether you are:

- Urban gardening
- Remodeling a room
- Painting a house
- Designing, building, or altering an existing structure
or working on a street, park, or neighborhood design project

I will help you to maximize meaning creation through your physical design.

Workshops and lectures on anarchist urban planning and place theory are also offered. If individually or if your specific group is seeking to understand better how either meaning creation or morality itself functions in your physical designs, in any context, I know that you will find one of my workshops helpful. The theories I teach are based on my book Anarchist Urban Planning and Place Theory.

If you are outside of the Los Angeles region, travel is possible upon request.

For more information, send inquiries to the following email: