Hi. Welcome to the Anarchist Planner. This website is meant as a conduit to postulate new urban planning theory from contemporary anarchist perspectives and further the dialogues in such realms. The content of this site includes articles, zines and comics about the field of urban planning and generally revisioning and planning how our lives and cities will be in the coming anarchist world. The site also includes a blog. All to aid professional urban planners, architects, other environmental designers — and everyone else — to help dismantle the system of zoning and public regulations so prevalent today.

Our dreams are becoming real. Anarchy is on the way.

Sorry to have not updated this site in quite some time. Just gotten caught up in other projects. I do have plans of returning to working on this site, and even to making it a much more interactive site, but those plans are down the road a good lot until I’ve finished up some other projects. Indefinitely until then, there’s a whole lot of super great information here, of which most anyone would benefit.

Many blessings to you on your journey!
The Anarchist Planner